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  I want to make this perfectly clear. Frames had their day and it is over. They looked nice and that was it. We are passed that and need to move on. When the internet was wide open and search engines would come looking for new sites all the time, the home page of a frame site might get listed. Frames are one of the greatest problems for sites to be indexed by search engine.

 Lets look at this logically. We have a stationary navigational bar. That is a static constant that stays there. What changes is the pages. Ergo the name frame. The navigation surrounds or borders the pages that change. So lets say that a super search engine could index a page within your frame site. Great, when the page is pulled up, the frame navigation is missing. That only is launched off of the home page. So the person that found your single page on the search engine can not look at the rest of your site. One major fact that many people do not realize at first is that everyone does not enter your site from the home page. They may enter a standard site from any page. That is why you have navigation on every page that comes along with the page. Frames although sometime asthetically pleasing, ARE NOT GOOD FOR SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT!

Another consideration is that if you have a site with 20 pages and you have them all listed on the search engines, you have 20 chances that someone will come to your site. If you have a frame site and you do have just the home page listed you only have one shot at someone clicking on your site.

There are two ways to correct this problem. One, you may have us remove the frames. Second, we can build you a gateway page that is search engine friendly and may get listed on the search engines.

Web Hosting - 100mb on Linux server in Rs 499 ($14) per year only.

Domain Registration - Register .com, .net or .org in Rs 299 ($6.95) per year only.


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