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Why should I submit to 3000+ search engines and directories?
If traffic is important to the success of your site like most others then it is important to get listed on as many other high traffic sites as possible. Some services say you should only submit to the top 10 or 12 search engines and directories. Even though these search sites probably will make up the majority of traffic referrals to your site, it will just help your site even more to get listed in the other search engines, directories and other site indices. Today some search engines use the links to your site from other sites as a factor in determining the relevance your site gets in search queries. This is another advantage of submission to 3000+ search engines, directories and other popular indices.

Why should I submit my web site more then one time?
Your site may be bumped down by new sites or completely removed at any time. Although search engines are getting more reliable, they still may lose your information from time to time. Also changes to your site may not get noted in listings if site is not submitted regularly.

 How long does it take for the search engines to list my site?
After the initial submission of your site, addition of your listing is entirely up to that particular search engine or directory.  Some pages are automated and will add your site almost instantly. Some sites send a "spider" to index your site within a few weeks.  Some sites can take 6 weeks or longer and some may fail to list your site. This is a good reason to resubmit your site monthly.

What is a meta tag?
A META tag is an item in your HTML code that aids some search engines in listing your site properly. META tags provide these search engines with the title, description, and keywords of each page on your site.

Do I need meta tags?
Yes. These tags help some search engines with placement. Without these tags, your site would not rank nearly as well.

How do I know your service will work?
We provide your site ranking report before submission and after submission.We also going to tell you the methods you can check out yourself.
Go to our contact page and send us a request or send an email to

Will I receive spam after my site is submitted?
We do not submit your email address to the sites we submit to unless the customer requests we do so.

Which search engines, directories and other popular indices do you submit to?
We constantly improve the list of search engines, directories and other sites that we submit to. This involves appending and deleting sites from the list regularly. We will always submit your site to the most popular search engines, directories and other indices.  Click here to see the list.


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